Sam Smith x Harry Fraud - Nirvana

I'm having one of those I "oh f*** I actually like this" moments...

I genuinely feel like I got scammed into liking disclosure when 'Latch' dropped I kinda liked it due to Sam Smith's vocal and I really liked How To Dress Well '& It Was You' I didn't see these songs as "the type" of music I like but was like "yo house or garage... or whatever this is seems to be going somewhere real soulful". But the singles that followed just felt overly formulaic to me.

To be honest I am still not a 100% sold on the artist BUT do like the fact he or his management have taken some time to get a HIp Hop producer with some clout (although he may have been sold to them as current and relevant) to do a remix like in the Bad Boy era. 

And as a result this is nice, it's like The Weeknd with balls.