Lucille Ghatti - At Your (Neck)

The first I heard of Lucille Ghatti was when I stumbled across a track called 'Ya Girl Lurks (Luv You Boi)' back in 2012 at the time I was working on a mixtape entitled 'While You Were Sleeping' which was to feature a bunch of track which I was fuming were flying so far under the radar at the time (which I am now going to have to revisit). 

I remember at the time comparing her to Jhen√© Aiko, Elle Varner and Suzi Analogue in terms of the type of R&B I was listening to but also heard some Aaliyah type qualities. 

So to get to the point I was over at OkayPlayer just browsing and saw that her LP drops today so excuse me while I go get that but be sure to hit play on this first taster 'At Your (Neck)' re-works, chops, screws and updates KP & Envyi' 'Shorty Swing My Way' to beautiful effect.

Spotted at okayplayer