Chima Anya - Everybody Dies

In this new release from 'The Doctor's Note' LP Chima breaks down one of the only truths people often fail to acknowledge and does it without making it sound depressing.

Really this is how YOLO should sound, sometimes an emcee will try to kick the facts over a beat and you get the feeling that beating you in the head with all this info that they know that you obviously don't is more important than you being into the music. This is the opposite Dexter provided a sick track and the truth in the verses only adds to the head nod feel.

Of the track Chima says "As a GP, I've seen many fields of medicine. A&E, Geriatric, Paediatric wards. Death doesn't discriminate. This isn't the morose lament you think it's going to be. It's realistic optimism. This experience has reinforced to me how precious life is, and made me determined to spend whatever time I have, doing exactly what I want."

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