Bambu - Just(Us)

An artist I discovered through my quest to see what Cypress Hill and Soul Assassins happened to be up to these days during that searched I stumbled across a video for the filipino rappers dedication to his country folk 'The Rock On' alongside DJ Muggs.

Which lead to me checking his mixtape entitled Los Angeles, Phillipines which totally keeps all that Soul Assassins do in the shop window for beats and rhymes and Bambu at the front of the line to represent the sound made famous by everybody from Kid Frost and Cypres Hill themselves. (Do Filipino's count as Latino's?)

Go check and agree or disagree download the mixed or unmixed version of the mixtape to see why I'll be expecting the name Bambu to feature on the traklist for any new full length project that B-Real, Sen-Dog & Muggs may throw our way.

The emergence of artists like Bambu, Laws and Emilio Rojas and the opportunity that Hip-Hop offers for the unheard to be heard and gives insight into who now faces the most oppression and alienation in the states.

Bambu runs with that ol' bitter sounding black fella rant from a Filipino perspective on this track... I'm kinda glad it ain't just us it's them too!

Download | Bambu - Just(Us)